If you are unable to order from the restaurant this week because you are traveling or some other reason, you can still participate.

We would really appreciate you making a modest donation of $15 or more towards this fund raising initiative.

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Overview of Fundraiser

Each week we will feature one or more restaurants from Wyckoff, Ridgewood and Midland Park. 
The participating restaurants have agreed to give us a portion of the revenue they get from anyone that mentions Rotary.   
Please make sure to say that you are ordering as part of the ROTARY program.


This is a win for everyone:

For you:                There is the opportunity to have a great meal and do something good for the community at the same time.
The Restaurant:  We are targeting slower nights of the week, so we help them stay in business during these difficult times
Our club:              Receives the donations that we use very effectively to help both local and international causes.  Click HERE to see recent causes we have supported during the Covid-19 pandemic.


So we request that you put it in your calendar to order from the featured restaurants on the specified night.

It is important that you remember to:

  • Make sure you place your order on the correct day and time
  • Mention ROTARY when you place your order.
We appreciate the restaurants that are part of our Restaurant Initiative.
Below are the restaurants that have supported us and we ask you to reward them with your patronage. 
They have all been very supportive of this initiative.