Steven Wolfe, the founder of Solid Foundation, addressed our club today.  He spoke of his vision of empowering young people to make a solid contribution in their community.
Steven Wolfe of Solid Foundation provided us with a good understanding of the history and current plans of the work that he is involved in through an interactive presentation.
He explained that kids in our area need help.  Drug use, depression and suicide are very much present in our community among our young people.  The objective of Solid Foundation is to have an impact on the statistics in a downward direction by engaging the youth of our area.  They strive to achieve this by doing the following:
  • Providing kids a place to go
  • Giving them opportunities to serve.
  • Linking them up with mentors that they can look up to
From May to September the parking lot of Midland Park Self Storage is transformed into a Skate Park.  A group of kids start early on a Saturday morning to assemble the pieces that have been stored during the week – this is their chance to serve and they do it faithfully on a weekly basis.  On average 50-100 kids come to skate and this is the key part in giving the kids a place to go.
The skaters are involved in feeding the homeless which provides another chance to serve. 
They are also learning to be mentors through a program being run in Newark.  They will be using the skills they learn to teach reading to other kids.
Steven is a dynamic speaker that radiates his vision and commitment to making it happen.  He has ambitious plans to grow the ministry organically to have an impact on more and more kids.  We are happy to support him in his work.
Steven Wolfe with fellow Midland Park residents Emmy Elliya and Russ Kamp: