Lynn Buckingham from Rebuilding Together shared the great work that they do in Bergen County at our weekly meeting. 
Lynn Buckingham has been involved in Rebuilding Together since 2008 and they have over 150 affiliates around the country.  In our area Rebuilding Together are heavily involved in Jersey City, Newark and North Bergen.  There is an upcoming project at a house in Midland Park.
Several of our members have been directly involved in helping out on the projects in the past.  Rebuilding Together focuses on helping provide safe and healthy housing for those that cannot afford it – especially the elderly or veterans.  They often have as many as 8 projects in a single day.  In the upcoming day there will be 3 large projects, 3 medium sized and 2 lighter projects.
For more information on volunteering and sponsoring please watch the video below or use the links to the left of this page.
(video editing courtesy of Lloyd Vorderstrasse)