Ray Falcon speaks to us about the opportunity for local businesses to get free assistance and help a great intiiative.
Ray Falcon spoke to us today about the best foot forward initiative. This is an organization that helps people with learning difficulties to figure out if they are going to be able to hold down a full-time job. He gave us example of a person that worked in his office doing tasks that most people would find boring but for an autistic person they can provide a lot of satisfaction.
Generally repetitive tasks are things that autistic people are very good at that.  So things like filing and arranging or sorting items are great candidates. 
The commitment for a business is just two hours and the person comes with a guide or coach who supervises the work that they do.
There is no cost to the business since it's part of the school curriculum day and the teacher always accompanies them.  Although  it's a limited involvement by the business it neverthelesss has a huge impact on the lives of the people that are doing the internship
38 schools in our area are looking for work sites for candidates.  Insurance coverage is not needed because that is covered by the school and the students so there's no cost or risk to the business.   
Please watch the full video of the talk below and we encourage you to reach out to Ray if your business is open to help out this great initiative.