John Azarian was our weekly speaker.  He had a captive audience as he shared memorabilia from Star Wars, Happy Days and I Dream of Genie.
John Azarian is a regular on television (see link to the left) where he shares his passion for collecting memorabilia from 60's and 70's shows.  This morning he was kind enough to be our guest speaker and to bring a small sampling of his items for us to enjoy.
Fonzie's leather jacket was particularly interesting as was the Stormtrooper mask from Star Wars.  He also related how the person that bought the Batmobile for millions of dollars is not in possession of the original Bat Phone that was in the car - he was given a replica.  The original was at our meeting this morning.
John had our undivided attention as we all felt a bit of nostalgia for simpler times and shows close to our heart.  As we left our 7:30am meeting we were all energized for the day ahead.
We are currently looking for new members to help with our charitable work which is mixed with fascinating talks like Johns.  Come join us any Thursday at the Brick House at 7:30am.
The Phone from the Batmobile