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Wyckoff Ambulance Corps welcomed our members over two nights to provide comprehensive CPR training.
Wyckoff-Midland Park Rotary members flocked to avail of the CPR training at the Wyckoff Ambulance Corps building.   Two nights were needed to cover all of our members. 
At the end of the training we all felt that we would be ready to step in to help if we see anyone in distress.  Many of our members had been trained in the past but getting instruction on the updated methods was very valuable.  CPR has been significantly sipliffied making it a skill that everyone can master.
The training was very practical as we used real dummies that allowed us to practice both on adults and infants.  Most of the techniques are the same for adults and children with a few subtle differences that were clearly explained.  We also covered people choking which also uses similar techniques and is probably something that we will come across more often.
The CPR training is very much in line with the Rotary philosophy of 'Service Above Self'.  The focus is on 'doing something' as the situation is so serious that this is infinitely better than 'doing nothing'.  The theme of the evening was very much one of empowerment - 'Give it a shot'.
Hopefully we will never need the skills that we learned but if we do get the chance to make a difference in someone's life we will be very grateful for having received such thorough and effective training.  Our thanks go to Hayley Rooney for her effective teaching and candor in sharing her experiences of real life situations.  We highly recommend that you join one of the CPR training classes that the Ambulance Corps provide.
First Night Participants practicing their technique:
Second Night Participants happy to be fully trained:
Club Member Ron Pepper demonstrates how to help a choking baby: